Order & Delivery Workflow

Office Connect work flow

Office Connect is a one-stop-shop for all your office needs from Paper to Pantry and cleaning to janitorial products – we offer you the comfort of shopping for your office without having to deal with multiple vendors.

Our experienced customer support team assists clients by suggesting alternative successfully tested commercial brand which has similar quality of its compared branded product but less than half of its price this helps to save money. We organize the purchase of our client by giving every information related to a product purchase like weight, GSM, MSD TDS, origin, etc. We have a wide selection of products catered to our corporate customers. We have a wide array of office and pantry supplies, stationery, paper products, vending machine, office equipment, premium gifts, ink, toner and cartridges with more selections on the way. We provide double convenience to our customers by bringing together everything you need under one roof.


Office Connect delivers a wide range of products exceeding 1000 different items and includes six main divisions.

  • - Pantry: Tea, coffee, sugar, milk, refreshments, cookies, disposable plastics, kitchen accessories, etc.
  • - Cleaning: Floor cleaner, disinfectant, detergent, liquid hand soap, hand sanitizer, dishwashing liquids, kitchen cloths sponges, air freshener, etc.
  • - Paper: Toilet rolls, maxi rolls, kitchen towels, napkins, interfolds, facial tissue, etc.
  • - Janitorial: Brooms, brush, mops, garbage bins, mop bucket trolleys, garbage bags, etc.
  • - Stationery: Writing instruments, filing products, writing pads, box file, Post It pads, binding & laminating solutions, writings & corrections instruments, etc.
  • - Ink, Toner & Labels Division: All EPSON, HP, XEROX and all customized machine labels

Low Prices

Office connect would like you to believe we have best & low prices on their entire selection overall. We encourage you to compare our every day prices. If you have a contract with another company for your office supplies, you may find they give you a low price on some of the items you need but will overcharge you for the others. We have developed technology that allows us to give best overall price.

Our Main Highlight of business which customer will be attached are below :

  • - Quick next day delivery if order receive before 4 pm
  • - Credit facilities
  • - Delivery all over UAE free of cost
  • - Pantry, cleaning, paper, Janitorial, stationary, labels, toners, safety & gift items all under one roof
  • - Facilities to secure price for one year contract (terms applied)

Free Shipping and Fast Delivery in the 48 contiguous ALL OVER UAE

  • - Free delivery at your Door Step, within 1 day and Provision of credit facilities.
  • - Multiple location delivery (All locations in the UAE) and all locations inside the company.
  • - Only one single payment per month for your company, instead of multiple payments to multiple suppliers.
  • - High quality After sales service & attention to detail (Tailor made service for each different company)
  • - Free support to organize your purchases. Our well organized team assists and guides you through the process of Quotation, LPO and final delivery of the products to your door.
  • - Wide variety of high quality products with brand names, quality long term relationship and COMPETITIVE PRICES.
  • - Availability of ALTERNATIVE products (lower price than brand names/great quality)
  • - Advice on how to buy, what to buy, what products exist in the market
  • - Vast Business knowledge specializing only in office, schools, institute

Work Flow

  1. 1) Order place by email or fax or on phone followed by LPO
    1st step we send email acknowledging we received LPO,
    2nd step analyzing if everything is ok with order if not clarification is taken same day, all order received before 4 pm will be delivered next day.
  2. 2) Before sending delivery we will send email informing client that your delivery is dispatch & you will receive today with full order, if we have some back order remaining then they will be informed that balance delivery will be done next day see below

We would like to thank you for your confidence in our services. We acknowledge receiving your order and we will process it soon. You will also receive a confirmation email on the day of dispatch. We aim to continuously provide a fast and efficient service Please do not hesitate to contact Office connect for your future inquiries.