Purchase Order Policies

We Accept Purchase Orders From:

Our Main Highlight of business which customer will be attached are below :

  • - Corporate Offices
  • - Government Agencies
  • - Schools
  • - SME

We don’t deal with Wholesalers & Retailer...

Purchase Order Requirements :

  • - All purchase orders must be submitted on company letterhead We cannot accept purchase orders by phone UNLESS IT IS FOLLOWED WITH OFFICIAL LPO
  • - We accept a customer's shopping cart as a PO BUT ALL items must be hand written or typed on a purchase order SEPARATELY TO AVOID CONFUSION
  • - Purchase orders are only accepted for orders AED 500 or more FOR CLIENT WHO IS NOT UNDER CONTRACT WITH office connect
  • - All purchase orders must be faxed to (04) 3411552 or emailed with signature to sales@officeconnectme.com

Purchase Orders Must Include :

  • - "Bill to" address & phone number.
  • - Email address of person responsible for processing & paying invoices
  • - A purchase order number.
  • - The quantity, product number, and a brief item description.
  • - A purchase order total amount.
  • - An authorized signature.