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Enriched with the experience of 9 years, determining what strategy steps for creating the most revenue growth. Establishing Effective Organizational Structure and Communication Protocols; ensuring effectiveness of Time Management at every resource le

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Manager Sales

Lead daily & monthly planning to deliver sales and marketing goals.Evolved & enhanced category range in tune with market research Drive growth in sales, share, and return

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Asst General Manager

With the command over 25 years of experience in Finance, Procurement and Strategies, fulfilling business imperatives and growth plans.Served Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, Union Properties and other reputable entities

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Purchase Manager

Assuring Timeliness and quality while procuring strategic goods, of course with measurable savings

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Operation Manager

Pioneering planning and execution of operational excellence. Coming along with decades of diversified industrial experience that helped in self-development and utilizing the same for the development of Office Connect Group of Companies and team build

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Supply Chain Manager

Ensuring supplies and distribution of goods at customers hands with target 99% + precision. In the role of Supply Chain Manager, responsible for overseeing and managing company's overall supply chain-in bound and out bound and logistics strategy and

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Finance Manager

With 10 years of experience, fulfilling the role of the Finance Manager , discharging finance and accounting functions. Responsible for all facets of company finance, including budgeting, allocation and planning. Advising senior stakeholders on finan

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Business Development Manager

With 10 years of multi-faceted experience, mainly responsible for creating and maintaining solid relationships and makin business decisions. Planning ways to grow the business, find areas of client needs, managing business negotiations, and review an